Adventurer's Log E04 - Hawkor, new player, submitted by CoachFliperon

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Adventurer's Guide

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• Episode list:!/deck=219001
• Farming T3 version:!/deck=219003

Configuration used for this episode:

• Clatterclank (Great Machine Graveyard dungeon pack)
• Katsuhiro (Alachian Sea encounter)

• Any

• Any

• 3x Adamanthian Scrivener (Shards of Fate, common)
• 3x Brightmoon Brave (Armies of Myth, common)
• 3x Glorious Pegasus (Herofall, Wheels of Fate, chest roll, uncommon)
• 3x Wakuna Lookout (Scars of War, common)
• 3x Ardent Recruiter (AZ1, The Usurper, dungeon pack, uncommon)
• 3x Forge Flock (AZ2, Shroom Haus and packs, uncommon)
• 3x Pious Paladin (Primal Dawn, common)
• 3x Righteous Paladin (Shards of Fate, uncommon)
• 3x Warparty Guide (Herofall, common)
• 3x Noble Citizenry (Shards of Fate, common)

• 3x Decree of Banishing (Scars of War, common)

• 3x Spectral Acorn (produced from Spectral Oak on daily login)
• 3x Deployment Orders (AZ1, Shroom Haus and packs, uncommon)

• 22x Diamond Shard (default collection item)

• Head - Rider’s Glorious Headpiece (Herofall, chest loot, uncommon)
• Trinket - Sigil of Grace (Frost Ring Arena, uncommon)
• Chest - Ardent Chestplate (AZ1, The Usurper dungeon pack, rare)
• Gloves - Forged Fingers (AZ2, Shroom Haus and packs, uncommon)
• Feet - Brightmoon Boots (Armies of Myth, chest loot, common)
• Weapon - Old reliable (Frost Ring Arena, common)