HEX Shards of Fate Set 7 Bury/Mill Archtypes Breakdown With KurtisKapahala

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In this video I go into details about understanding when drafting the bury archtype that you know what your deck is trying to do to win the match. Understanding when to value what your deck needs over the power of the single cards themselves. If you guys have any questions on anything I left out feel free to leave them in the comment section and I will get to you guys when I can. Also if anybody is interested in supporting me feel free to ship that $$$ to my paypal at teamevolve101@gmail.com as I love money. And if you like what I'm wearing , since I am a sellout and enjoy clothes go to www.intotheam.com and use the code Kapahala for a sweet deal and discount because when you do I get more money :).