SR Control - Standard - November 24th, 2017

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Sharpshooter Sahas

4 Dark Heart of Nulzann
3 Primordial Sabretooth

4 Flame Barrage
4 Runebind
2 Return to Cinder
4 Change Course
3 Dingle
1 Verdict of the Ancient Kings
3 Discombobulate
3 Scars of War
4 Runic Riddles
1 Candlelight
1 Psychic Ascension

8 Ruby Shard
4 Sapphire Ice
4 Shard of Innovation
4 Well of Innovation
3 Sapphire Shard

1 Return to Cinder
3 Disruptor Drone
2 Verdict of the Ancient Kings
3 Stifling Sting
1 Pyre Strike
1 Scars of War
1 Yetigeddon
1 Candlelight
1 Fortress of Ayotochi
1 Primordial Sabretooth

Dark Heart of Nulzann socketed with Major Sapphire of Clarity and Minor Ruby of Zeal