SD Aggro - Standard - November 30th, 2017

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Champion: Bishop Elijah

4x Chimera Bot
4x Llama Herder
4x Warpsteel Shardsworn [Minor Diamond of Fate]
4x Skylance Captain
4x Exalted Commander

2x Runebind
4x Decree of Banishing
4x Cosmic Calling
2x Silver Talon Mandate
4x Consult the Talon

2x Diamond Ice
3x Diamond Shard
4x Sapphire Ice
5x Sapphire Shard
2x Shard of Purpose
4x Wax Sacrament
4x Well of Purpose

2x Blinding Ire
2x Arcing Light
3x Confounding Ire
3x Verdict of the Ancient Kings
2x Winter's Grasp
2x Hyperborean Huntmaster
1x Silver Talon Mandate