BD Sockets - Standard - December 1st, 2017

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Champion: Bishop Elijah

4x Sentry of Nulzann
1x Wakuna Lookout [Minor Diamond of Fate]
3x Cryptcurse Knight [Minor Blood Orb of Frenzy]
1x Duskwing Scout [Minor Diamond of Fate]
3x Emsee, Etcher of Nulzann [Major Diamond of the Seraph]
4x Grim Skull Tactician [Minor Diamond of Protection]
1x Nefarious Corruptor [Major Blood Orb of Fleshcraft]
1x Soulspeaker Revenant [Major Diamond of the Seraph]
1x Spiritbound Vicar [Minor Diamond of Fate]
4x Animus of Nulzann [Major Diamond of Hope]
1x Dragonspeaker Daliah

4x Withering Gaze
4x Altar of Nulzann
2x Decree of Banishing
3x Strangle

4x Blood Ice
5x Blood Shard
8x Diamond Shard
2x Shard of Retribution
4x Well of Retribution

3x Cheap Shot
1x Arcing Light
2x Diamond's Favor
2x Winter's Grasp
2x Herofall
1x Dark Heart of Nulzann
1x Dragonspeaker Daliah
2x Stalking Quarry
1x Totemic Elder