BS Control - Standard - December 22nd, 2017

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Champion: Takahiro

4x Naive Lackey
4x Warpsteel Shardsworn [Minor Blood Orb of Tombs]
2x The Librarian
4x Dark Heart of Nulzann [Major Sapphire of Clarity] [Minor Sapphire of Wit]

4x Runebind
2x Withering Gaze
2x Psychic Ascension
4x Haunting Cry
2x Cannibalize
4x Herofall
4x Massacre

4x Blood Ice
8x Blood Shard
4x Sapphire Ice
4x Sapphire Shard
4x Well of Cunning

1x Withering Gaze
4x Demented Whispers
3x Disruptor Drone
1x Steal Intel
2x Strangle
4x Stalking Quarry