Hex, Shards of Fate | L15 Coyotle Ranger WRECKS Devonshire Castle Dungeon!

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This is my Coyotle Ranger Prophecy Deck in Hex, Shards of Fate. Buu and I are having an absolute blast playing this game! It's really well designed, and has a lot of ways to play. In this video I'm playing in Campaign mode, running through Devonshire Castle to get the Yule Tide cards and equipment. (I just need the rare equipment and I'll have all the pieces I need. ^_^)

I usually hit every node in a dungeon, for maximum gold and XP. In this case though, my ranger is already the current max level, and I'm really just going for the equipment. Once I have that, I'll be swapping to another character and running through the first chapter of the campaign. Or who knows, maybe I'll play in the Frost Ring Arena, or some PvP.

Do you play Hex? What kind of decks do you like?