DWS 2018-04-09

HexCompendium 4794 Videos

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Decklist Champion: Lady Avalanche

4x Glimmer Fox
4x Leprechaun Artist
4x Brilliant Annihilix [Major Wild Orb of Growth] [Minor Wild Orb of Festivity]
3x Shamrock, The Goldfather
4x Exalted Pathfinder
1x Pippit Hustler
3x Pippit Hustler
3x Eternal Seeker

2x Hawkward Turn
4x Winter's Grasp
3x Palm of Granite
1x Annihilate

2x Diamond Ice
2x Remnant of Life
4x Remnant of Purpose
1x Root of Instinct
1x Root of Purpose
4x Wax Sacrament
2x Well of Instinct
2x Well of Purpose
6x Wild Shard

2x Arcing Light
2x Confounding Ire
1x Hawkward Turn
3x Verdict of the Ancient Kings
2x Wise Magistrate
2x Brosi-Buk, Mischief Master
2x Eldurathan's Glory
1x Annihilate -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/mustachemagicccg