DS turbo PA 2018/03/08

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Decklist:Champion: Cassia Goldenlight

4x Warpsteel Shardsworn [Minor Diamond of Fate]
2x Dark Heart of Nulzann [Major Sapphire of Clarity] [Minor Diamond of Protection]

4x Guidance
4x Light the Votives
2x Runebind
2x Psychic Ascension
4x Winter's Grasp
2x Clash of Steel
4x Cosmic Calling
4x Heart's Whisper
2x Into the Unknown
2x Weave into Nothing
4x Consult the Talon

4x Diamond Ice
2x Nameless Draught
4x Sapphire Ice
2x Sapphire Shard
4x Wax Sacrament
4x Well of Purpose

2x Runebind
1x Dreamcall
4x Confounding Ire
4x Verdict of the Ancient Kings
1x Clash of Steel
1x Into the Unknown
2x Dark Heart of Nulzann [Major Sapphire of Clarity] -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/mustachemagicccg