Dw momentum 2018 02 22

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Decklist:Champion: Lady Avalanche

4x Righteous Waxshot
4x Leprechaun Artist
3x Mightsinger of Ages
3x Shamrock, The Goldfather
4x Exalted Pathfinder
3x Eternal Seeker

1x Wildlife
3x Winter's Grasp
4x Palm of Granite
3x Merry Caravan
1x Corners of the World
3x Verdant Rift

3x Diamond Ice
6x Diamond Shard
4x Well of Life
11x Wild Shard

2x Arcing Light
1x Arcing Winds
3x Wise Magistrate
2x Hyperborean Huntmaster
2x Brosi-Buk, Mischief Master
1x Corners of the World
2x Rotting Chompknight
2x Frostlock