Prismatic rock monday 11 20 1017

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click more for the decklist featured in this video Read all about hex here: if you like what you see you can support me by subbing to me on twitch, tuning into my guilds, Prismatic Conlcave, weekly stream and cheering me on in HEX's weekly events. decklists: Champion: Calilac Troops 4x Deathless Agent 2x Green Grimplekin 4x Howling Plains Alpha 4x Deathless Infiltrator [Minor Diamond of Fate] 3x Grim Skull Tactician [Minor Diamond of Protection] 2x Orchi-Naya 4x Rimeclaw 2x Snow Puffin 2x Iremaw [Minor Wild Orb of Vigil] 4x Poppycake Peddler Spells 4x Guidance 3x Battle of Destiny 4x Decree of Banishing Resources 4x Diamond Ice 6x Diamond Shard 4x Wild Ice 4x Wild Shard Reserves 3x Blinding Ire 3x Vine Lash 2x Diamond's Favor 3x Scouring Light 2x Winter's Grasp 2x Iremaw [Minor Wild Orb of Vigil] Champion: Takahiro Troops 4x Naive Lackey 4x Blightbush 4x Thought Collector 3x Blightbark Paladin 4x Death's Head Rider 2x Iremaw [Minor Wild Orb of Vigil] 2x Cottontail Warcaller 1x Violet's Attendant [Minor Wild Orb of Blossoms] Spells 4x Gruesome Deed 4x Tomb Swap 4x Strangle Resources 4x Blood Ice 8x Blood Shard 4x Monsagi Coins 3x Shard of Ancients 5x Wild Shard Reserves 2x Blood Bearer 2x Cheap Shot 3x Misery 2x Casualty of War 2x Cloudkill 1x Iremaw [Minor Wild Orb of Vigil] 3x Rotting Chompknight Champion: Adoni-Zeddek Troops 1x Sunrise Specter 4x Vesper 3x Umbral Guard [Minor Diamond of Protection] Spells 4x Guidance 4x Cruel Sentence 2x Decree of Banishing 2x Winter's Grasp 3x Blood's Favor 2x Gloaming Edict 3x In the Halls of Twilight 4x Dark of Night 4x Twilight Eclipse Resources 4x Blood Ice 7x Blood Shard 4x Diamond Ice 8x Diamond Shard 1x Shard of Retribution Reserves 4x Misery 2x Arcing Light 2x Diamond's Favor 3x Scouring Light 3x Strangle 1x Winter's Grasp