candles Rock - 2017 11 24

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click more for the decklist featured in this video Read all about hex here: if you like what you see you can support me by subbing to me on twitch, tuning into my guilds, Prismatic Conlcave, weekly stream and cheering me on in HEX's weekly events. Decklist: Champion: Cassia Goldenlight Troops 4x Kindlekit 4x Acolyte of Flame 4x Initiate of Wax 3x Lumiknight 1x Radiant Servant 2x Candlelit Zealot Spells 4x Runic Candescence 3x Flamelick 3x Wax Dawn 3x Wings of Wax 1x Candle Crush 3x Choir of Lumos Resources 3x Diamond Ice 9x Diamond Shard 3x Ruby Ice 8x Ruby Shard 1x Shard of Conquest 1x Shard of Conquest Reserves 2x Blinding Ire 2x Wrath of Elements 4x Crackling Magma 1x Lumiknight 3x Scouring Light 2x Winter's Grasp 1x Flamelick