Rock Format with hodor 2017 12 11

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click more for the decklist featured in this video Read all about hex here: if you like what you see you can support me by subbing to me on twitch, tuning into my guilds, Prismatic Conlcave, weekly stream and cheering me on in HEX's weekly events. Decklist: Champion: Furiko Troops 4x Acolyte of Flame 2x Blightbush 4x Fuelmaster Spells 4x Return to Cinder 2x Verdant Mill 4x Dread Harvest 4x Palm of Granite 4x Wild's Favor 4x Candle Crush 3x Fueling Station 2x Choir of Lumos Resources 4x Ruby Ice 3x Ruby Shard 4x Shard of Savagery 2x Wild Ice 10x Wild Shard Reserves 2x Cremate 2x Arcing Winds 2x Burning Ire 3x Crackling Magma 4x Iremaw 2x Robogoyle