Hex tcg BD midrange vault 2018-04-17

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Decklist: Champion: Bar'dak the Butcher

4x Vampire Prince
3x Dark Heart of Nulzann [Major Blood Orb of Fleshcraft] [Minor Blood Orb of Ghouls]

3x Withering Gaze
4x Demented Whispers
3x Strangle
2x Blight
4x Herofall
4x Zeddek's Judgment
2x Massacre
2x Mysteres de l'angoisse
1x Annihilate
3x From The Ashes

4x Blood Ice
5x Blood Shard
4x Diamond Ice
4x Root of Retribution
4x Wax Sacrament
4x Well of Retribution

1x Withering Gaze
1x Casualty of War
1x Diamond's Favor
2x Soul Severance
4x Brilliant Annihilix
2x Faebreeze
1x Massacre
1x Mysteres de l'angoisse
1x Dark Heart of Nulzann [Major Blood Orb of Fleshcraft]
1x Annihilate -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/mustachemagicccg