reanimator 2018-04-26

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Decklist Champion: Blue Sparrow

4x Briny Ray
3x Scribe of the Flayed Man
4x Doombringer Kha
3x Eternal Seeker
4x Primordial Sabretooth

2x Theorize
3x Whip Crack
2x Jouncing Carnage
3x Scars of War
4x Excruciate
4x Mordrom's Gift

4x Remnant of Hatred
4x Remnant of Innovation
1x Root of Conquest
2x Root of Purpose
1x Root of Retribution
2x Ruby Ice
1x Ruby Shard
4x Sapphire Ice
1x Sapphire Shard
2x Well of Cunning
1x Well of Hatred
1x Well of Innovation

3x Halt
3x Verdict of the Ancient Kings
1x Jouncing Carnage
1x Scars of War
2x Voice of D'endrrah
4x Eternal Curator
1x Eternal Seeker -- Watch live at