Girixis control 2018-04-24

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Decklist Champion: Entity Unknown

4x Dark Heart of Nulzann [Major Ruby of Twinstrike] [Minor Ruby of Savagery]
1x Eternal Seeker
3x Primordial Cockatwice

3x Return to Cinder
1x Dingle
4x Scour the Archives
3x Whip Crack
4x Jouncing Carnage
4x Scars of War
4x Excruciate
2x Candlelight

1x Blood Ice
4x Nameless Draught
1x Necropolis Coins
4x Remnant of Hatred
3x Remnant of Innovation
1x Root of Cunning
1x Root of Hatred
4x Ruby Ice
2x Sapphire Ice
1x Well of Cunning
1x Well of Hatred
4x Well of Innovation

1x Brink of Madness
2x Confounding Ire
4x Demented Whispers
3x Verdict of the Ancient Kings
2x Attune with Blood
2x Mysteres de l'angoisse
1x Eternal Seeker -- Watch live at