Hex - All Champ can do the Arena : Shoku can beat Howgart

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Dans notre série "All Champ can do the Arena" voici Shoku qui bat son adversaire avec beaucoup de dreadling
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Champion: Shoku The Botanist

2x Yazukan

4x Contract Killing
2x Wildlife
4x Horrors of War
4x Glimmerfly Dance
4x Shoku's Garden
2x Xentoth's Malice
4x Zorath's Rectory
4x Extinction
2x Journey Into Nightmare
4x Taste of Defeat

4x Blood Ice
4x Blood Shard
1x Brewed Ambrosia
4x Remnant of Ancients
2x Shard of Ancients
4x Well of Ancients
4x Wild Ice
1x Wild Shard