Hex - All Champ can do the Arena : Takahiro sacrifice his brothers

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Dans notre série "All Champ can do the Arena" voici Takahiro dans un deck blood wild centré sur le sacrifice de battle hopper !
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Champion: Takahiro

4x Sneakblade of the Milky Eye
4x Blightbush
4x Thought Collector
4x Vampire Prince
2x Monsuun, Shogun of Winda'jin
4x Paw of Yazukan
1x Rakaanozov the Starved
1x Yazukan

4x Zeddek's Judgment
4x Extinction
4x Corners of the World

4x Blightbark Reserve
4x Blood Ice
4x Crackling Vortex
4x Monsagi Lily Pad
4x Remnant of Ancients
4x Well of Ancients