Topdeck Radio - The Hex TCG Talkshow #3: It's All About Rewards and Stuff (May 7, 2018)

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Pandemica’s Pit - quick mention

Watch / Ban list update
Friday update - Bash / Clash structure change reminder, discuss cards shown
119 Bash (99 Distinct) - 154 Clash (131 Distinct)

The final @HexTCG Iconoclash numbers are in. 4173 gautlet runs, and 10666 matches in 10 days. That's over 17 gauntlet runs and 44 matches every hour over the duration of the event.

Discussion topic ideas
Review Bash 4-0 deck lists
A topic of the week - Reward system speculation. What’s all in there? When will we see it?

Cards of the Week - Diamond Action
Manifesto - Sunlit sentence, inner conflict, guidance
Thrawn - Danse Macabre, Trial of Totems, Blinding Light

Hot Take / Bold Prediction of the week sugarrush wins swiss portion of ccs / next friday 18th new currency patch

Shameless Plugs