Topdeck Radio - The Hex TCG Talkshow #2 - 4/30/18

HexCompendium 4794 Videos

Corinth vs. Corinth mode
Champion Balance changes / card wording alterations
Bash and Clash changes --- RIP VIP Program?
Thrawn’s Hot Take - Re: VIP

Budget Competitive Decks sold in-store? (Pitch your ideas)
Pandemica’s Pit tournament series
Hex Card Creator

Discussion topic ideas
Monetization - what is OK or not OK to charge for?
How can Hex best develop their lore / worldbuild?

Cards of the Week - Blood Constants
mani’s - zombie plague, demented ascension, closed coffins
Thrawn - Forsake the Shards, Journey into Nightmare, Pact of Pain

Ask Thrawn / Manifesto - From Ares via Twitter

Hot Take / Bold Prediction of the week 300 combined players across Bash / Clash

Shameless Plugs