Topdeck Radio - The Hex TCG Talkshow - #12 - Deckbuilding Philosophies

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Topdeck Radio #12 --- Monday July 16, 2018


Community news. New streamer blog crull’s thoughts.

Thank you snake and hacky for shoutcasting
CCS congrats yasi.

Discussion topic - Designing decks
Between Shardsworn and DMoE, we’ve made a lot of decks, but never talked about our philosophies and methods for how we go about doing that.

What PVE-only cards (2-3) do you think could be brought over to PVP and still be fair?
Thrawn - Taste of Defeat, Howling Head Hunter, Adaptotron
Mani - lightning elemental, volley, te’talca, high inquisitioner

Cards of the Week - Favorite scars of war card we get to keep playing
Mani - From the ashes, rightous outlaw, zoraths recotory
Thrawn - Commander PROMPT, Bride of the Damned, Mystic Naturalist

Google Translated Hex
Extinction - Destroy all the bodies (Eng - japanese - croatian - albanian - english)
Brilliant Annihilix - Large texts are prevented and can not be targeted. (too many to count)
Dogpile - They damage 5 damage to the target units. The call to Rabn Gnolls is equal to all the excess damage. (English - arabic - korean - italian - english)