Topdeck Radio - The Hex Talkshow #11: Hard Times

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News…Five Shards weekly changes.
Epic Spell Warz

Community news.

Shardsworn showdown on hiatus - where do I go from here.

Disscussion- A few words
How did it come to this
The $100k Invitational
The Bash and Clash… with NO external promotion (pushing esports too hard too soon)
Paying the Artists
Communication Woes
What do we do from here
Likelihood of seeing kismit or flashback event
Potential things HexEnt could be “expanding” into to increase publisher revenue

Cards of the Week - Favorite Hero Fall card we get to keep playing
Mani - Dreamweaver ancient, eldurathans glory, Psychic ascension
(honorable mention silvertalon adjudicator)
Thrawn - Herofall, Heart of Embers, Matriarch of Flames