Topdeck Radio - The Hex TCG Talk Show #9 - Lore Galore (Feat. Blackwood)

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News…. Cornith vs cornith. And questmas

Community news… next immortal tears tourney July 6th.

Questions from Twitter / Chat

Community spotlight: Blackwood

Lore DIscussions

How can Hex best develop their lore / worldbuild? Related - what more can Hex do to make their universe a more distinct fantasy universe?

Cards of the Week - Prismatic actions/constant
Mani - AA refuel, Hawkward turn, excruciate
Thrawn - Forever’s Bloom, Mass Glaciation, Rotten Rancor

Hot Take / Bold Prediction
Thrawn’s Prediction - Spoiler season starts this week.
Mani- All the dragons will get reprinted to defeat the elders (lore tie in)