Topdeck Radio - The HEX TCG Talkshow #7 - Five Years of Hex (Feat. GriffinBruce)

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Portal Kombat Merry Melee
5 years… omg it's been that long already.

Community -
it's your card. Choosing the cost - covered last week - quick mention only?
Streamer spotlight GriffinBruce aka nephilimarmy

Discussion topics -
Quick check on new bash format. Info by Martypunker. (Prepare for unimpressed Thrawn)
What Immortal Cards would you want to see reprinted for Standard? (If Any)
Fun topic: Hex Cross-Overs - If you could have one other game invade Hex, what would it be? If you could bring Hex into another game, what would it be?

Cards of the Week - Ruby constant
Mani- spark of fury. Pool of wrath. Chark Mart.
Thrawn - cerebral Fulmination, Zakiir’s Frenzy, Army of the Arcane CInder

Ask Thrawn / Manifesto -