Topdeck Radio: The HexTCG Talkshow - #6 - My Immortal (Gauntlet)

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Monday June 4, 2018

Dingleton Merry Melee
immortal gauntlet

Community -
it's your card. Choosing the cost

Discussion topics -
Splitting in the bash/clash. Personal thoughts how it affects data and a sense of competition
Monetization - what is OK or not OK to charge for?

Cards of the Week - wild troops
Mani- songstring warden, rowdy ringmaster, Dreamweaver ancient
Thrawn - Arborean Rootfather, Brosi’s Bouncer, Briar Legion

Ask Thrawn / Manifesto

Hot Take / Bold Prediction
Thrawn’s Prediction - Spoiler Season starts week of June 25th.

Shameless Plugs