Topdeck Radio #4: Count Your Coins & Stack Your Sacks (feat. Vestris)

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Vestris Blog -

CCS Results
Rewards Update
Ladder Update

Discussion topic ideas - I doubt we’ll need them this week after the 3 above.

Cards of the Week - (FRA champion of the week (new merry melee discussion))
Mani- Poet of Gla'aki Reaper Bot Loregoyle Curator
Thrawn - Periwinkle, Doombringer Kha, Archon of Nuulzaan

Ask Thrawn / Manifesto - 1 new post in the thread

Hot Take / Bold Prediction
Thrawn’s - Hex Needs to learn how to communicate more frequently
Hex Needs a State of the Union Address
And the forums need to chill out.