Hex: Shards of Fate - Devonshire Keep - Zombie Tribal (4/8)

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Zombie Fuel (B/R)
Level 6 Orc Warrior
Talents: Warlord: Agility, Training: Combat, Warlord: Parrying, Unlock: Warlord War Machine, Warlord: Concussive Strikes

Ruby Shard x7
Blood Shard x7
Blightbark Reserve X4
Root of Hatred x4

Minion of Yazukan x2
Raving Ghoul x3
Burning Zombie x3
Voracious Zombie x3
Relentless Zombie x3
Promiscous Succubus x2
Blightbark Burster x3
Fatalfuel Alpha x2
Festering Mongrel x3

Rotting Away x3
Blight Bestowed x3
Blood Aura x3
Refuel x3

Equips: Lifetaker Hood, Spirit Filled Decanter, Brittle Bone Guard, Burning Armband, Solebare Boots, Raver's Cleaver

First Fight (Burning Throng): 01:12
Second Fight (Mindpyre Wraith): 08:05
Third FIght (Sporeshambler): 13:20
Fourth Fight (Cloaked Figure): 17:44
Fifth Fight (Spitfire Elemental): 26:00
Sixth Fight (Wiktor): 30:42


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