Learn to Play Hex TCG!

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Hi there! Yana here with a learn to play tutorial of what I think is the best digital TCG on the market right now - Hex TCG! This tutorial covers all of the basics of Hex TCG, and provides you with what you need to get a good head-start with playing Hex! Timestamps for each section are at the bottom of this description.

I appreciate you taking the time to watch this tutorial! If you want to view more of my Hex content, feel free to stop by www.twitch.tv/professoryana!

Tutorial Topics:
Introduction: 0:00
Shards of Hex: 3:15
Card Basics/Parts of a Card: 4:26
Card Types: 15:18
Champion Basics: 28:08
Sockets and Gems: 33:00
Card Abilities: 41:03
Other Card Nuances: 1:08:38
Hex Client Overview: 1:13:33
Third-Party Sites for Card Shopping: 1:29:50
Demo Game: 1:41:10
Wrap-Up and Conclusion: 1:54:38